Social Media’s “Big 3”

My assignment for my New Media Drivers License class this week involves creating profiles on the three biggest social media networking sites: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Thankfully, I already have profiles on all three sites and finally feel like I am one tiny step ahead of the game.  I must admit, however, that my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles both leave something to be desired, as I haven’t dedicated much time to networking or “tweeting” up to this point.

I only recently joined Facebook and I am enjoying reconnecting with old friends and colleagues, looking at their photos and finding out about their growing families and exciting career moves.  I am still a little leery of sharing too much personal information online but I am getting better.  In fact, I have even started posting some photos on my profile.  If you haven’t created a profile on Facebook yet, I highly suggest you join today! 

LinkedIn is by far my favorite social media site and the site that will continue to be the most useful for me in years to come.  If you are not familiar with LinkedIn users create a profile (basically you upload an electronic version of your resume) and begin connecting with professional contacts.  LinkedIn is a great way to network with professionals in your field and/or area of interest, search for job openings, and request recommendations from people you have worked with in the past.  This site is a great tool, especially for those searching for new opportunities in this seemingly “stale” job market.

Twitter is another popular social media site that allows users to update their status, in 140 words or less, on a regular basis. I think the more interesting and useful part of Twitter is that it allows users to “follow” each other and get immediate updates on current events.  If you are currently on Twitter feel free to follow me… but I must forewarn you…I am not very good at updating my status.


~ by dannasta on February 7, 2009.

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